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Can AI learn the language of addiction? A NIDA researcher uses artificial intelligence (AI), social media, and smartphone sensors to gain a better understanding of substance use and misuse.

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Mindfulness may help prevent depression relapse Mindfulness-based cognitive therapy appears to help prevent relapse by altering thought patterns without side effects. Monitor on Psychology

Great expectations New research is leading to an understanding of how placebos work — findings that may lead to more effective treatments and better drug research. Monitor on Psychology

Chemical threats Researchers are discovering potential links between chemicals in common household items and damage to developing brains. Monitor on Psychology

How chronic stress harms our DNA Research suggests chronic stress damage starts before we are even conceived and cuts into our very cells. Monitor on Psychology

The right wavelength Lighting can be a powerful ally in clinical care, especially for patients prone to sleep problems.  Proto

How obesity harms kids’ brains Research suggests that obesity weakens children’s attention and memory. Monitor on Psychology

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